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Free Tax Preparation Course!
Thinking of taking an tax preparation course and wondering which one is the best? Would you like to learn electronic tax return preparation from tax professionals? If you’d like to take a fast and free tax preparation course written by tax professionals, not university professors, then you’ve come to the right place! Our mission is to provide free tax education to licensed users of our tax software. 
Did you know that of the 154,444,000 income tax returns filed through 11/23/18, 80,226,000 were prepared and filed by professional tax return preparers.
Millions of Americans pay tax professionals to prepare their tax returns each year. The market is enormous! Now you can start a tax preparation business in your home or office with our practical, in-depth, career-level tax preparation course designed to help you enter the lucrative tax preparation field. 
Please Note: Our Federal Income Tax Course is only available to licensed users of our tax software. If you would like to use our tax software complete our Inquiry Form by clicking here.
With our tax preparation course and the skills you’ll develop you'll have what it takes to start your own tax preparation business. Our home study tax preparation course will teach you everything you need to know to become a tax professional. Our tax preparation course will give you the skills you need to prepare tax returns professionally, even with no previous experience. If you want to earn extra income as a tax professional our tax preparation course is for you. It makes learning tax preparation easy and fun! To view a sample lesson click here.
IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider.
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tax professional, The Tax College’s interactive tax preparation course will give you the knowledge you need to prepare taxes and open your own tax preparation business in the shortest time possible. Our tax preparation course is written by tax professionals with over 35 years of experience. With The Tax College's tax preparation course you’ll know you're getting the best tax preparation training available anywhere! Why not learn taxes from the pros?
Our tax preparation course includes 30 lessons!
What makes our tax preparation course different?
Here's what you'll get:
30) Information packed 60 minute daily lessons
A tax preparation course written by tax pros
Over 900 well organized and in-depth pages
Concise non-technical language
250 flow charts and tables - to reinforce key topics
Easy to understand tax preparation course
No previous tax preparation experience necessary
Open your tax prep. business in 30 days or less
Fully integrated with professional tax software
A tax preparation course developed for home study
30) Online quizzes - give you immediate feedback
No rigid time frame, No need to travel to classes
Includes client interview skills
The First Tax Preparation Course With Fully Integrated Tax Preparation Training!
Our tax preparation course is the only tax preparation course available that is fully integrated with a professional tax software program, the 1040 ValuePak. Why waste time with calculators, printed worksheets, pencils and erasers, and complicated and confusing IRS mathematical formulas when you can simply enter a few items of data on your computer screen and let the computer crunch the numbers? Why reinvent the wheel? With our tax preparation course you’ll learn how to let your computer do all the work, so you can devote your time and effort where it is best spent - with your clients, building your tax preparation business and making money – instead of burying your head in a pile of books!
What our customers are saying about our tax preparation course… you can take their word for it!
Our Tax Preparation Course Accommodates Your Individual Needs!
How does the tax preparation course work? We make it easy to learn tax preparation with the convenience of online delivery. Each day for 30 days you’ll study an information packed tax preparation course lesson. Simply complete the tax preparation course lesson, which usually takes about 60 minutes. Most tax preparation course lessons also include a video about preparing tax returns using our professional tax preparation software, the 1040 ValuePak. Just sit back and watch the video which usually takes about 5 minutes. You can retake any tax preparation course lesson at any time - 24/7/365.
You'll find our tax preparation course very easy to follow!
Easy to Learn - Easy to Use!
Learning is easy with our videos. Here's what's included:
Preparing returns using the Step-by-Step Interview
Preparing returns using the Forms Method
E-filing a Tax Return
Applying for a Bank Product
Printing Checks
Voiding and Reissuing Checks
Reviewing Tax Returns for Errors
Navigating the Program
Using the Asset Center
Printing Client Organizers
Creating Client Letters
Using Payments and Invoices
The Best of Both Worlds!
Here’s an important tip… Even if you fail to pass our tax preparation course you can still prepare tax returns professionally using the 1040 ValuePak’s Step-by-Step Interview, which asks you simple questions. You don’t even need to know which tax forms to use. 1040 ValuePak will select the correct tax forms for you and place your answers in the appropriate fields of the tax return. 1040 ValuePak completes the entire tax return for you! With our Step-by-Step Interview if you can turn on a computer you can be a professional tax preparer! And your clients will think you’re a genius!
Open Your Tax Business in 30 Days or Less!
Due to technological breakthroughs in software like the 1040 ValuePak, low cost high-speed computers, and the modern, logical, and familiar Windows interface you can complete our tax preparation course in less than half the time it takes to complete the other tax preparation courses that are available! Our tax preparation course includes over 250 flow charts and tables - to help you master the tax code in the quickest possible time! Not only will you learn the tax laws but you’ll also have first hand experience with our tax software program and be ready to open your tax preparation business in 30 days or less! And best of all, our tax preparation course is absolutely FREE! (A $695 value!)
With our tax preparation course you can start your own tax business in 30 days!
The Support You Need, When You Need It!
If you're like most people, you'll want the support you need, when you need it! With The Tax College's tax preparation course  you’re not in this alone! If you purchase the 1040 ValuePak tax software our team of highly skilled, courteous and knowledgeable support staff ensure that our tax preparation course users receive the highest level of personalized assistance available. Once you purchase the 1040 ValuePak tax software we will gladly give you any additional tax preparation course help you may need via telephone or email – at no charge!
Study our tax preparation course at your own pace!
Study Our Tax Preparation Course at Your Own Pace!
You can move through our tax preparation course at your own pace. Once you purchase the 1040 ValuePak tax software your tax preparation course support staff will be available to answer any questions you may have via telephone or email. Email response time is usually the same day if you ask your question weekdays. The Tax College’s qualified professional tax preparation course support staff has real world experience dealing with individual and small business taxes on a daily basis. You’ll receive prompt, personal assistance from The Tax College - your one stop solution for all of your tax preparation course needs!
We build relationships!
Getting started with our tax preparation course is easy…Join the tens of thousands of tax professionals that render constantly sought after tax preparation services – and receive lucrative fees! Learn how easy it is to help others file their tax returns! Sign up for our tax preparation course today by clicking the enrollment button below! 

Upon submission of your enrollment form you'll be taken to the Getting Started page to begin your lessons. Upon successful completion of our tax preparation course, and attaining a 70% or better grade on the Final Exam, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion by U.S. Mail. This beautifully inscribed Certificate of Completion will serve as recognition of your accomplishment, and when framed will truly grace your home or office. 

Come and join The Tax College Advantage! Make the right choice and sign up for our tax preparation course today. At The Tax College we don’t just build a first class tax preparation course, we build relationships that last a lifetime! Try us, you’ll love us! We look forward to your enrolling in our tax preparation course and joining our team!

You'll receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing our tax preparation course!
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